Winners of the CUSL contest of Universidad de La Laguna

Lately I have been a little bit busy (unbelievable right?) and now I have to study for my latest exams so I'm just going to take a little break to explain what have I been doing during the latest months.

I have to say that I'm very happy to be the winner of the prize "First Prize to the Best Project" in the contest CUSL from my university: Universidad de La Laguna.

We, Juan González Ramos and I, have participated in this contest with our project "A.R.E.A." , acronym of Augmented Reality Expert Assistant, during this project we have learnt a lot of things about mobile device development using PhoneGap with HTML and JavaScript, geolocalozation, speech recognition, Google Maps API usage, and  main concepts of augmented reality.

This is my second contest won of this academic year and I'm very happy with the feedback received on my projects so I will continue participating on bigger contests for sure.

Bye ;)