Zombie Disco

I have been working for a while on it, and it is finally here!!

"Zombie Disco is an "match 3" type of game, you have to match the dancers of the same type to improve them and obtain trophies that increase your score. Meanwhile, you should keep the zombies controlled to prevent an infection in your disco! Don't forget to empty the dance floor before the close of the disco."

This is my first attempt publishing and selling games on Google Play, I don't expect a massive welcome, but it was a personal challenge and now it is done! so, what else!?

I would like to release the game in other stores like Amazon App Store, and depending to the earned money, on Apple Store, why not?

Probably the game finally will be released for play free online. But we have to wait for that (for some sponsor at least).

I leave you the video here and the link to Google Play. enjoy it!

Bye ;)