Artificial Intelligence - GOAP Project

Goal-Oriented Action Planning


The goal of this project was to use Goal-Oriented Action Planning to define a system with 3 intelligent agents with specific goals.

This project was developed using Unity.


Innocent yellow vessels trade around the area from port to port, hoping for the best.

They only have one action and one goal.


The greedy red pirates will chase the hopeless yellow vessels for their booty.

When pirating is fruitful, the red pirates will do a trip to Skull Island to empty the hold.

When fellow pirates sink, they'll drop their cargo, which can be picked up by other pirates. Nothing goes to waste!

Here is a brief of the pirate actions and goals.


The Spanish armada won't allow pirating to go unpunished in their seas. If they catch a pirate attacking an innocent victim, there will be consequences!

The armada use a subset of actions and goals from the pirates

This project can be found in the following GitHub repository