About Me

I am a young, enthusiastic programmer who specializes in gameplay and graphics programming. I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and have over 8 years of commercial experience.

I have a true passion and dedication for video games that I like to channel into their development along with the technical, analytic, and problem-solving skills that any good programmer must possess.

While I am a highly self-motivated individual, I also consider myself an excellent team player. I work well with other people and I like to keep an open mind for advice and constructive criticism, as well as lending my skills and knowledge to others whenever necessary in order to achieve team goals.

Latest Projects

MSc in Videogame Development by Universidad de La Laguna


Collection of projects from different modules of the MSc developed with Unity, Unreal and C++/DirectX12

GPUMan (2020)

Youtube channel where I cover the implementation details of different graphic effects seen in popular games.

Unity FaceSync (2019)

Simple face blendshape control system for Unity which allows the simple implementation of character lip sync animations.

Onyx3DSharp (2018)

A personal graphics engine, written in C# and OpenGL implementing PBR forward rendering with editor and scene serialization.

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Onyx3D (2017)

A simple graphics engine, written in C++, OpenGL and LUA, featuring shadow mapping, procedural sky, water, and different post-process effects (motion blur, bloom, etc)

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