Chronoboy - winner of the 5th GameJamUA

Hello folks! I'm very proud to announce that recently I have won the V GameJamUA, celebrated in Alicante (Spain). It had been something unbelievable for me when I was there, half way during the development and running out of time.

As you might know from my previous post, this is not the first time it happens and this time, I have to say that we were kind of brave with the developed concept. In this jam the theme was "Back in time", and despite it might seem that the theme offers a lot of possibilities, most of the ideas you can think of, get reduced to going back and help your previous character to solve a puzzle.

We quickly realised that we had to be more creative if we wanted to win the contest, developing something different and bold. In this case, we decided to develop a graphic adventure (point & click type) that allows the user to travel in time and change the past, allowing the player to modify the events in the future.

It was really scared at the beginning and at the end (when we were running out of time) but we managed to finish a level and we let the game published in Google Play in just a weekend, what else!? Download it now!

Like the last time, I recorded the time lapse, and here is the result:

Thanks for reading, I only have good words for this kind of competitions, and I invite you all to participate and force you to create amazing things in just a few days ;)