Buona Pizza

Hello again!

This week has been crazy! but I had some time to accomplish another task (sound of tick in my TODO list), publishing my second game on Google Play, in this case, it is called Buona Pizza.

Considering the unsuccessful release of Zombie Disco as a priced game, I have released this game for free, only displaying a small banner during gameplay,

As a crazy guy said once:
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

So I will try to move forward to find the correct formula to get paid for doing this stuff :P

Here I let you the description of the game, video and the download link:

"Buona Pizza is a cooking game where you have to make awesome pizzas out of 16 items, with 3 difficulty levels and 72 playing levels. Try to reach the best score in each level and become the best chef."

Check the gameplay in action:

Bye ;)